An Engineering Design and Consulting Corporation
Buchele and Associates, Inc.
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  • Our guiding principle has been and continues to be a "Philosophy of Excellence."
  • We strive to provide engineering services and products in a professional manner that meets or exceeds our client's expectations, both in business relationships and technical specifications.

We were founded in 1989 as an independent Consulting Company and Incorporated in 1995 as Buchele and Associates, Inc. We are located in Silicon Valley where we have a dedicated in-house engineering staff and long standing cooperative relationships with several Associate Staff members. 

  • For most engineering-level services our staff will have a Master's degree or PhD degree. 
  • For large projects we are pleased to recruit and manage groups of highly specialized personnel in engineering, science, software, mathematics and product development. 
  • Likewise, we are comfortable organizing small technical groups working alongside a client's R&D department.