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Buchele and Associates, Inc.
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  • We are specialists in Analog, RF and Mixed-Signal ASIC design.

  • We serve a full range of customers including small Start-up companies through Multinational Corporations.
  • Our customers often have challenging engineering requirements. Our background in the "basic physics" of  electronic and electromagnetic devices enable us to "break new ground." This is the technical environment where we shine. 
  • We welcome customers who are under time-pressure and require outside design services to complete their projects on schedule. 

WHAT WE DO: Based on a customer's requirements we: 
  • Design Full Custom ASICs. 
  • Design custom building blocks (IP) for integration by the customer into a larger ASIC or SoC (System on Chip). Alternately, we will integrate our custom ASIC blocks with IP from third parties as required by the customer. A prime example is integrating a custom RF receiver with a microprocessor, high perfomance A/D or D/A. 
  • Our expertise is targeted primarily at the interface blocks between real-world signals from analog and RF sources such as transducers, sensors and antennas and the digital world of processors and DSP. 
  • We have extensive experience with most types of interface devices including amplifiers, drivers, low power transmitters, RF transceivers, integrated optical devices, audio processing block, A/D & D/A blocks and more.

  • Ultra Low Power and Low Voltage expertise for battery operated portable devices.  Examples are Hearing Health Care,  Health monitoring systems, and Implantable physiological sensors as well as general Industrial and Consumer applications.
  • RF Integrated Circuits (RFIC) for Custom RF and Microwave functions, including most standard transceiver topologies, Low IF and Image Reject receivers, Sigma-Delta Fractional-N synthesizers, and RFID applications. Experience covers frequency range: DC through ~12 GHz.
  • Low Noise, High Dynamic Range ASICs for Ultrasound applications
  • High Voltage design (Voltage<500V) for specialized applications in Consumer/Industrial products and
  • Specialized ASICs for sensor applications including optical sensors, acoustic and EM detection. 
  • Full Service Design, Simulation, Layout and Verification services through tape-out
  • We typically use Cadence EDA tools for schematic capture, simulation, layout and LVS/DRC verification. When requested, we use  Mentor's Caliber for  DRC verification.
  • RF, Microwave and high-bandwidth systems often require  modeling of custom devices and simulation with electromagnetic EDA tools. We typically use HFSS for three dimensional geometries and IE3D for planar geometries.  We will use other EDA tools if requested. The complex impedances of I/O ports, gain, crosstalk and S-Parameters of passive devices are typical results.   (See Electromagnetics page)
  • Upon request, we specify, design and support prototype equipment for functional testing of our ASIC designs. 

  • CMOS & SiGe BiCMOS
  • Bipolar
  • GaAs
  • High Voltage CMOS & DMOS
  • As a general rule, if a qualified PDK (Process Design Kit) exists for a process we can produce successful first-pass designs.
Figure 1. An example of a full custom analog/mixed signal ASIC designed by Buchele and Associates utilizing an advanced SiGe process.