Figure.1 Human Ear Anatomy
We have extensive experience in:
  • Architecture, Design and Optimization of custom integrated circuits for hearing aids
  • Analog ASIC implementations provide ultra-low power operation, lower development cost.
  • Multi-Band Compression technology:
  Multi-Band compression splits the audio spectrum into two or more frequency
                bands and applies programmable compression to each band separately.
  Programmable Multi-Band compression adaptively compensates for frequency                         dependent hearing losses on an individualized basis.
  • RF Inductive Power-Link technology:
  Remote recharging of hearing aid batteries
  Powering implanted hearing aid devices
  • RF communications between control devices, left/right hearing aids or external DSP audio processing module.
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An Electronics Design and Consulting Corporation
Buchele and Associates, Inc.
Medical Electronics
Design and Development of Core Technologies and Custom  Components.
We have extensive experience in:
  • RF and Inductive powering of implanted medical devices:
Implanted Sensors, Monitors, Stimulators, Pumps and Drug delivery systems
  • Precision feedback power control:
High efficiency, low temperature rise, safe min/max voltage control
  • Advanced Electromagnetic Simulation (FEM), Matlab and SPICE simulation
          techniques for optimized power-link design. "Close to Ideal" first-pass design results.
  • Two-way RF communications utilizing MICS-Band transceiver or custom RF link.
  • Compliance with FCC and FDA regulations
SAR, EM radiation and Temperature Rise Limits
Figure 2. External Induction Antenna powering implanted medical device.
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